Looking for Chinese Fringetree in KC area

GreenThumbinKCJuly 24, 2005

I'm wanting a Chinese Fringetree but have not had much luck finding one in the KC area. Anyone know of a nursery that has any of any size? The only two I have found in town are at Family Tree Nursery, but they were not good looking specimen. I also tried Frey-and-Frey, Suburban, Rosehill and Earl May with no luck. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

My friend here in KC just got a Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus) from Longview Gardens on Bannister Rd. She said that her tree is a Missouri native. Would this be what you're looking for? She thought they also had Chinese Fringetrees. She saw both at the KC botanical garden. Said that the MO native had extremely fragrant white flowers. The Chinese had pink flowers. Both beautiful trees. I just planted a serviceberry tree which is another Missouri native.

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The Chionanthus virginicus is close...that is the native version. I'm looking for Chinese fringe tree (C. retusus). Thanks for the lead, I will call Lonview tomorrow and see if they have any in stock.

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Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)

Dude! Is this another one for the potted tree forest?

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Thanks for the lead. I found the tree I want in their catalog last night and called them today to check and they have three in stock. You know where I'll be Saturday at 7:59 am (they open at 8) ;-)


HEY! Nope, I'm actually going to plant this one in the ground. You know, not all of us have many, many mature trees around their house. ;-)

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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

GreenThumb, tell me about this tree and why you decided to get one. Is it as hardy as the native FT?

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I had been looking for a tree that 'not everyone else had' and this one fit the bill. From the research I have done it should be hardy to zone 5 and maybe zone 4. My understanding is the native is hardy to zone 4 easy. As I started to look for this tree I also saw an episode of 'Gardening by the Yard' and Paul James bragged on this tree.

to quote from hgtv.com
"The Chinese fringe tree offers a beautiful form; lustrous, semi-glossy leaves; white, fleecy flowers; and exfoliating bark. The bark is especially ornamental in the winter after the trees lose their leaves (which turn a pleasing yellow in the fall).

And if all that weren't enough, the fringe tree is easy to grow. While it prefers full sun, it tolerates full shade too. It also prefers a well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH, but it can adapt to just about any soil type. In addition, pests and diseases rarely bother this tree.

"So when you add it all up," concludes James, "the fringe tree is a nearly perfect tree for smaller properties and for not so small ones as well."

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juicylucy(z5 IN)

Oh, good for you for finding one! I've been looking for a fringe tree, either chinese or native, for the past 3 yrs. Keep thinking I'll stumble upon one somewhere but so far no luck. Enjoy!

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I'm excited about find one...I'll post my findings tomorrow after I've been to the nursery.

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

The nurseryman I use in Columbia reported hardiness problems with C. retusus. Keep us posted.

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My updateÂas promised. On my way to Longview I stopped at Heartland and they had a single tree. Their tree was maybe four foot tall and they were asking over $50 for the tree. It had a nice shape, but the tree was really small. When I got to Longview I quickly found their three trees. How depressing. One of their trees look like a saplingÂit was at most three foot tall. The other two looked bad so I decided to skip on all of them.

I ended up going back to Family Tree Nursery and got the best one they had which was a one-inch caliper and hopefully will fill out after a good year of growing after getting planted. The one I purchased was six foot tall, but not real full.

Everything I have read has said this tree is hardy to my zone, so I'm hoping for the best.

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I posted a picture of my Chinese Fringtree in the Trees gallery section.

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