Help Crape myrtle freeze zapped new leaves

centervilleApril 14, 2012

Please I need help. A Freeze zapped all the new leaves on all my crape myrtle bushes (5 in all). They leafed out very very early this year, had two nights dipped into the thirties. All the new leaves are dead on branches. Should I prune them back or just leave it be?? Seems like I should do something. I am in South east Missouri, zone 6-7. Just barely able to grow Crapes here, but I have babied them and grown them for years. Never had this happen.

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Crape myrtles are not native to the US, by the way.

But they will be fine. You can trim off the damaged part or not; they should put out new leaves eventually, although it may take a couple of weeks for them to do it.

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