what is this native (?)/ is it native???

connplantmanApril 22, 2010

hi i saw this plant today on a nature walk through the woods (happy earth day everyone!!) and i have no clue what it is. this is in simsbury, connecticut. i was thinking it was a magnolia of some kind or a rhodo? It doesn't look like a rhodo up close and it resembles the native cucumber magnolia but the leaves are too glossy and too big. could it be an escaped japanese magnolia? does anyone know what it is? is it native here or is it an INVADER?

pics (cell phone quality sorry lol):

thanks for your help guys

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Looks like a young Magnolia grandiflora, a native plant (although perhaps not native to your area). Unlike it's cousin the cucumber magnolia, this one is evergreen.

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i thought that the southern magnolia only grew in zone 7 and warmer? how in the heck did it end up on the zone 5/6 boundary up north?!?!? looking at some pictures online, i do think that id of this thing being magnolia grandiflora is correct. can we blame canadian geese for "planting" it? im happy to see it's at least native to the eastern US though. my goodness maybe there is something to global warming! i will have to continue to monitor this plant and see if it survives through our harsh winters. i am really shocked but again after looking through photos online i think it has to be southern magnolia. WOW

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