elisabeth_roseJuly 23, 2005

I am fairly new at seroius gardening, but have managed to carry on and do fairly well in spite of heat, drought and various other set-backs. Now however, I may have met my match! In the last couple of weeks I have had to share my garden with a lot of HUGE beetles. They are 1.5-2 inches long, fat, medium brown and somewhat shiny. PLEASE, what are they and what can they do to my garden??? (and me!!!)

I have a lot of roses, perennials and bushes, but I am ready to cement the whole thing over and paint it green!

Any advise would be most welcome.

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Sounds like Japanese beetles. They are horrendous! Try Bayer or Sevin to get rid of them. They love roses, clematis, basically, everything! Sorry I don't have a pic, but just type Japanese beetles on the Internet and I'm sure you'll find a pic.

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I looked up pictures and descriptions of Japanese Beetles, and I don't think that is it. They say JB are 3/8 inches long at mature size. These are much larger, and look somewhat different too. I have not seen them on plants, just slowly crawling om the ground. I grossed myself out by reading some posts here about JB. Especially the one about the bug in the ear. I realized then that these can not be JB's, as that would be physically impossible with these monsters. What else could it be?

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I don't know what they would be, but if they're not harming the plants, I wouldn't worry. They'll go thru their cycle and die. Unless they are harming your plants or they swarm so bad they get all over you, I wouldn't bother with chemicals. You could be doing more harm that way to beneficial insects.
Let us know if you find out what they are.


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sushi_deluxe(z5 Chicagoland)

Any chance they are cicada bugs? If so, I don't think they are harmful. We have them in our yard right now.

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No, these are not cicada-bugs either. They are wing-less critters, large and somewhat slow moving. The most upsetting thing about them is their numbers and SIZE. Killing them is not easy either. They have a hard shell and seem to be able to take a lot of pounding. When I succeed in killing one it leaves quite a mess behind, and simply is unpleasant (and gross...) Does anyone know where I might be able to bring one in to be identified here in the Chicago area?)
Thanks everyone for trying to help.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Elisabeth, here's a link to the U of I Extension Service offices. They would be able to ID the insect and tell you how to deal with it.


Here is a link that might be useful: U of I extension service

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Or you can search the site and/or contact the people at

They're very nice and will reply to you relatively quickly with an answer if they can provide it. If you can send them a digital picture, that will help.

I've used them a couple of times since moving here and they were wonderful.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's That Bug?

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CPeters(z5 Chicago)

We're over run with Cicadas right now - They've been metamorphosing out of the larva state. I've been watching them emerge on nights that I've been up late - I've grown a little attached to them!

If this is what you have (either the emerging insect or the larval part), don't worry about your garden, they're harmless (but a bit noisy).

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