Cherries Jubilee and cape honeysuckle

Stevi_KJuly 21, 2005

Does anyone here have Cherries Jubilee? I have 2 that I want to pot up in a 16 pot and over winter in the house. I was wondering if anyone has done that and how well it did in the house for the winter.

Also does cape honeysuckle reseed itself. (fingers crossed)



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Stevi, do you mean Suriname Cherry??? Toni

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No, it is Allamanda 'Cherries Jubilee',
Here is a link (scan down on the page to see a great picture of it in bloom)to a page of garden web where they are talking about it. It is for Florida I did post asking a few questions didn't get no answer. I also posted at vines and got an answer to over winter it in the house. But was hoping someone here in our area might have one and could give me the heads up.
P.S. what is a 'Suriname Cherry'?

Stevi K

Here is a link that might be useful: Cherries Jubilee flower

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An Allamanda, will not grow in our areas..they are at least z9 plants..too bad, huh? lol..I have 2, which are outdoors in summer, but in the house in winter.

Stevi, Suriname Cherry is a small fruit tree that grows cherries..I've a baby, but it's hard to overwinter here in IL..Toni

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That is what I was wanting to know if anyone had them and if they overwintered good in the house? Do you have the yellow? The five I have are all the cherry color. I plan on only doing 2 in pots and giving the other 3 away. Do yours flower for you? How big are they? I just got home from shopping and bought a 16 inch pot for one of them. What are you growing yours on? I was thining about using a med. tomato cage.


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Hi Stevi..Well, like I said, my Suriname is a baby..Got it at a place here in Il called Jamacian Gardens..
I've over 400 tropicals/succulents, including citrus, hibiscus, gardenias, and for some reason the cherry has seen better days..then again, it's partly my fault..I should have repotted it ASAP..It's in a 5" plastic pot..but Stevi, nothing's impossible..w/a little work, sun, some humidity in winter, away from a heater, and well-draining soil, much can be accomplished..What state do u reside? Toni

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maryhelen(z8b FL)

I just bought one locally at the Home Depot and the tag said that it was cold hardy 30 to 20 degrees F. Will it not survive here near Gainesville? It doesn't get any colder than that here...does it?

Thank you.

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Allamanda "Cherries Jubilee" is ok for Gainesville. I live outside of Chicago, IL.
My one is filling up with blooms. I am so happy with it. The only sad part is that I can't plant it outside.
I have finally got some buds on my "Cape Honeysuckle" am waiting for it to bloom. I have my fingers crossed that it will survive in the house for the winter. Stevi

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