what happened to my Joe Pye plants??

dkgarberApril 9, 2010

I cautiously walked on a highway offramp to collect seeds from a beautiful stand of joe pye weed a couple years ago. I waited till the winter, wintersowed them with great success, and planted the seedlings last spring. They grew to 5 or 6 inches through the season, and I was thrilled to await their arrival this year.

So far, almost everything has leafed up but my Joe Pye. None of it has come up, so I amjust hoping that it likes to arrive late. My coreopsis are the only other plant not showing itself yet. My Trilliums, Solomons Seal and Jack in the Pulpits also appear to be sleeping..

I am probably just rushing them, but of all the natives, JP is my favorite and I"ve wanted it in my garden for a long time. I guess if the seedlings dont' sprout, I could buy them from a nursery but thats so BORING--and they are very hard to find here.

Anyone growing it who has spotted it this spring??

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ronkw(8b LA)

Well... since you had growth last year...keep the fingers crossed. I too enjoy gathering native seed any way I can.
I've got JP growing down in the bottom, presently they're about 1 ft.tall, they'll get to 10'+
They were non-existant 10-12days ago. (much furthur south than u)

Hopefully your efforts will be rewarded!

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

Joe Pye is traditionally very late out of the ground. Don't worry-your little plants are fine. They can survive anything, including a pick axe. Just wait til you try to move them.

------- Monarch fest and Joe Pye ---------

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Joe Pye CANNOT survive just anything as they have that pithy stem and can freeze in hard winters if they are cut back in the fall. I lost almost all of mine when trying to be a neat gardener years ago (got over that fast!)... Fortunately, there was a spot I missed along the edge of the woods, and that was not affected. BTW, those plants are up now about an inch. Yes, they are a little later than some, but this year all of my early plants were "confused" by the cold winter and came up and bloomed much later than usual. The later spring blooming plants appear to be on schedule, so now I have things blooming together that I have never seen, such as Claytonia and Dentaria/Cardamine blooming at the same time as Trillium grandiflorum.

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Dandi I am SO jealous of those gorgeous plants you have going!!! And look at those butterflies! I had one lonley monarch last year in my butterfly garden-hopefully this year he brings his friends.

I didn't cut them back in the fall so hopefully they'll show their little heads soon. Everything in my yard is quite late-mu daffodils JUST bloomed a couple days ago!

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

dkgarber-thanks for the nice words. I started them from seeds of var 'Glow'. Much nicer than the wild kind.
I guess I don't know why you left the dead tops on as it shouldn't make any difference.
And-why don't you add your zone and/or state to your ID so the rest of us can see where you're at.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Trilliums should be up in your area. Mine have been up for a while now. Jacks emerge much later than the trillium and are often hid a long time by the leave cover before emerging above that.


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