strange cotton like thingy....

hummingbirddaisyAugust 10, 2005

I have this stuff, taht pops up here and there. It is always on the leaves of my plants and trees. It looks like small wet cotton balls, and feels kind of like it as well.

Any idea's what it is?

Maybe larva of some sort?

Thanks in advance!

Blessings, Tina

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Tina, could it be mealy bug? What type of plants have this bug/??
If you type mealy bug in your seach engine, they'll be pictures..
One way to rid these bugs, w/o using harsh chemicals is by swiping the leaves off w/rubbing alcohol..Swipe w/cotton balls or Q-tips.
Mealy are terrible bugs..they suck juices from the plant, and are also very contageous. I hope I'm wrong..Toni

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Could it be the spital(sp) bug? It's got many little bubble like wet things in a clump (like foam). They don't cause any harm. I usually get these on my phlox in early summer. I don't even bother with them.


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