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ctnchprApril 25, 2010

This plant has squarish stems, and the flower looks a little like a salvia. A member of the mint family? TIA.

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Wood Betony, Lousewort - Pedicularis canadensis. It is here in the Piedmont as well as in some mountain locations. Native Americans used it for medicinal purposes.

We found some on rescues, but it did not transplant well.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

They may not like being transplanted because they are hemiparasites, acquiring some of their nutrition from the roots of other plants.

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Thanks, y'all! I was hoping for another native hummer plant, but I can't find anything that says it attracts hummers.

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I have seen hummers and butterflies drinking nectar from this species so don't get rid of it. Mark

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