starting hardy hibiscus from seed?

ponytail73January 2, 2013

Hi all! Im new to garden web but have used this site a lot over the past few years as referance since buying my home and becoming addicted to growing things inside and out! Last fall I collected the pods from a hardy hibiscus that actually flowered, after 2 yrs! I got it bare root and assumed it dead each spring but finally! success!! My question is how and when, or if i even should bother starting new plants from sead? I really love to recycle my guys! and would appreciate any and all advice. I have some incredable need to start these projects now that the holidays are over, the christmas tree is down and I just cant wait to set up plant table and lights!! I've gotten some great advice from people all over in just the few days I've joined this site and as a amiture gardener I could not be more grateful!!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi ponytail73 and welcome to the forums! I have started hardy hibiscus seed successfully using the winter sowing method. I think they are pretty easy to do. That was a few years ago and I still have that plant in my garden. I have also really enjoyed starting seed. I loved it even more after I found out about winter sowing. So, that would be my suggestion, that you head over to the winter sowing forum and there are usually tons of enthusiastic gardeners that just love to help newcomers. It is an entirely different method from starting seeds under lights indoors, but you may find it fascinating as many people do. I preferred it to indoor lights. It's nice to start thinking of next season. Good luck!

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Ditto PM2's post + her words of welcome. I too sowed hardy hibiscus seeds via the winter sowing method. Germination was good and the plants put on plenty of new growth the first & second seasons altho' they've not bloomed so far. I'm guessing the unusual winter weather of the past couple cold seasons may have factored in but can't say I've worried about it. From what I've observed, winter sown perennials, trees & shrubs are incredibly healthy & robust. I've also grown apple & pear trees from seed via winter sowing for a neighbor who was a doubting thomas until I gave him 4 apple & 10 pear tree seedlings. The dogwood trees I grew from seed are already 3 ft. tall. Winter sowing replicates what Mother Nature has been doing on the planet for millions of years & combines it with responsible recycling--everybody wins. I would suggest you invest in one or two good gardening books that'll give you some ideas & suggestions. Another suggestion would be for you to check out some older threads on the WS forum to get an idea of what we're talking about--lots of pics on some of them.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, WS is a USDA-approved method of growing from seed.

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

I don't even pick up the seed pods. By the time spring comes around they seed themselves around the shrub and start growing and then I pluck them out of the ground and pot them up and give them away at the CT Swap in the spring and fall. This past fall I picked up a lot of the kousa dogwoods berries(competing with the squirrels and groundhogs for them) and in the late fall put them in pots and stuck them in back of the garage to see if they come up in the spring. I am curious to see if they grow. Good luck with your hibiscus!

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