Oleander in KC?

Lisa_z5(KS_5)August 21, 2005

I live in Overland Park, KS. On my way to work, there are a couple of ever green trees look like Oleander in front of a sub-division. They are flowering right now and look so gorgeous. One with dark pink flowers and the other with white ones. I have noticed them since last year. They seem doing fine in winter.

Oleander trees are only for zone 8 based on the search in Google. Does anyone know any flower tree in zone 5 looks like Oleander? Thanks ahead.

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Lisa Hi,
I did a search to find out about Oleander's because I didn't even know what one looked like. I found the "International Oleander Society" site. under "oleander varieties" they listed a few that were freeze tolerant. They show small pictures of the flowers so maybe you would be able to tell from the pics if they are the same ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oleander Society

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Which subdivision...I'd love to drive by and see myself.

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doniki(z5/6 NE Ohio)

Someone posted a question about hardy oleanders somewhere else this summer... But, there are some that are probably worth a try in Kansas City, especially if you site them correctly. They will never be trees, but will act like dieback perennials and bloom in late summer. This is actually my first year trying them. On a trip south last year I purchased a "Hardy White" that supposedly withstood
-9F in North Carolina, died to the ground, regrew in spring and bloomed in summer of 1985. There are also "Hardy Red," "Hardy Pink," and "Hardy Double Yellow."
Last winter I did an experiment with "Hardy White" in a pot outside. I left the pot out on the front porch until about Christmas... Temps got down to between 5-7F and there was NO damage at all on the plants. I brought it in the garage though when I saw -2F was expected. It went right back out after the -2F and was outside for weeks (in a pot) during consistent below freezing weather and again it incurred no damage- not even leaf burn. It went in and out all winter until about the end of Feb. when it stayed out for good and again indured temps in the single digits and daytime highs below freezing. I do live in the "city" so I have some additional heat, and it was against the house, so it benefited from the brick, but for an Oleander, it was pretty damn impressive.
I took the plunge this spring and planted it outside, and it has been blooming since June. I'll probably let it die to the ground and see what happens, in that Oleander blooms on new wood.
If you can find a "Hardy" variety of substantial size, give it a try. It's a great perennial up "North" and blooms for a long time.... The "Hardy" varieties are a bit harder to find... The typical California/Florida Oleanders that are sold everywhere in the summer as "tropicals" will not survive... They need extremely well drained soil and full sun to perform at there best. Do not buy a small plant either if you expect it to overwinter. Try to find one at least 3 or 5 gallons. Good luck.

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I got a picture of the trees today. Aren't they Oleander? They didn't died back last winter...

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I don't know the name of the sub-division. It is located at the east side of old Metcalf and around 139th???

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doniki(z5/6 NE Ohio)

They certainly look like Oleander to me... and obviously they are benefiting from reflected heat from the cement/brick wall they are up against. Are you sure they were there overwinter and not newly planted??? How cold did it get in KC last winter? I would presume they are the "Hardy Pink"- the hardiest of the "Hardy" varieties... if they actually did overwinter. Very inspiring though... Too bad you can't get out there with a shovel in the middle of the night...lol...

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Heck I live less than a mile from that...I have to go check them out for myself because they sure look like oleander to me!

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Please post back if you find out what kind plant they are...

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If anyone knows where they sell these Oleanders, and they are oleanders, please let me know..Thanks, Toni

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You should watch the oleander posted for seed pods. Hopefully they will set seed. There are several seeds per pod. After they seed, grab a pod, & you will have many seeds for a variety hardy in your area. If the plant is in some sort of complex, you can ask the owner or gardener if they can spare a pod. They usually throw them away anyway.

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