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danielw88April 23, 2009

Hello everyone,

I used to be a member of gardenweb way back when it was just a small unknown webpage. I traded native plants here back when I was a kid (10 years old, believe it or not).. just signed up again today (and I'm 20 now).... Anyway, I've been collecting native orchids for a decade now, both from trades and from sites that were being logged and developed. I have an extensive collection, many of which are highly sought after (calypso, three birds orchid,...) and I would like to part with a few for profit. I know that you can't sell anything on the trade forums, so I was hoping that someone would know where I could find people who would buy. Any help would be appreciated, and I have many different orchids, so ask me if you're looking to trade for rare plants.


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Hi Danny,
Welcome back!
I think I remember you, if you are the same Danny as the young lad that once lived in SW Arkansas, near El Dorado and knew an old friend of mine, the late Carl Amason.

Only paid advertising is permitted on GW, check the link at the bottom, right of this page for contacting iVillage about rates. You might also check out Craigslist & ebay.
Trades are permitted on GW and can be listed on the Forums with associated Exchange pages or on the separate Native Plant and Plant Exchange Forums.

Be advised and forewarned, the advertising for sale of rare and unusual native Orchid species, even though they aren't endangered or protected and are garden/greenhouse propagated, will subject you to hateful and disparaging comments and hate mail, from people who view them as the Holy Grail!
Good luck!

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I've collected native orchids and some hybrids for a while now all obtained through reputable sources. I've kind of reached my saturation point as far as space and what I'm able to handle caring for. I also realized a while back I prefer going to see them in their native habitat more than I enjoy bringing them to me. Always interested in hearing what someone else has in their collection and how they go about caring for their plants though.

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Whoa! I wasn't expecting anyone to remember me! Yes, I am the kid from Arkansas, and my dad knew Mr Amason! Crazy; how do you remember that? :)

Anyway, I am well aware that people can get angry about taking wild plants, and I have only taken plants that were doomed by bulldozers! (I operate equipment for a construction company myself, and I have salvaged many wild plants from my own dozer.) I would have a few choice words for anyone that I suspected of wrongfully digging native beauties! ...My biggest problem is trying to find the kind of people who care about rare native orchids and plants. I doubt the average craigslist shopper would care anything about my plants, and I won't give these beauties to any idiot with a flower bed! I might have to make my own web page...

By the way, (razorback33) I left a ton of native plants on my property in AR when I moved 7 or so years ago. I would love to get them back or give them to someone. They're near Mt. Holly, on Stephens Hwy. I've got montana lady's slipper, three birds orchid, jack in the pulpit, trilliums... I should find out what I need to do to get to them...

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rufino(z10 Florida)

Hello Danny,

Besides ebay and Craig's List, here are a few other suggestions for selling excess terrestrial orchids:

Try the terrestrial orchid forum. Scroll down to the section labeled "Plant Exchange." Don't be misled by the word "Exchange." The terrestrial orchid forum allows plant sales in addition to exchanges.

Although catering more to the tropical orchid crowd, you can also place a free classified ad at the Orchid Mall's unclassified ads section. If you find the service helpful, it is requested that you make a voluntary $1.00 donation. If you go this route, NEVER use your real email address. Unfortunately, spammers scour such free classified sites to acquire email addresses. Make sure you use a throw-away email address from Yahoo or Google.

Botanic gardens offer another opportunity for sales. If one is near you, check to see if it might be worth registering as a vendor at the garden's annual sale. If the garden puts out a quarterly bulletin, check to see if the bulletin includes ads (especially classified ads).

Finally, green markets offer yet another venue for sales. Note that botanic gardens and green markets generally charge you to sign-up as a vendor. Since growing native terrestrial orchids is such a highly specialized garden activity, it might not be profitable to sell only terrestrial native orchids (especially if they are not in flower). But if you have other wildflowers or interesting plants for sale, these are two options worth pursuing.

Good luck.


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Hi Danny
If you still have the will, you can contact with me.

I am interested in calypso.

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I joined just to be able to ask you where are you going to list your orchids? I have a in Tenn. and have a number of wild orchids but have always wished I had some of the pogonia orchids! I will need to know where and how to care for them.
Thank you Sha.

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Danny, I don't know if I am doing this right or not.I posted a mess May 3 and I havn't seen a post back. So my e-mail is if you need that.

Thank you Sha

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Danny's post was from last year - he may not even be around here or he may not be using the email that he used then.

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Thanks for letting me know.I didn't even notice the date. My fault.

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