little_minnie(zone 4a)November 23, 2012

Does anyone know where sulfur can be purchased locally? I need over 100# and better not have that shipped! I tried a local farm store many times but they don't have it and don't understand what lowers ph! What MN stores carry it?

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I found my sulfur. The University and the soil tests leave a lot to be desired when it comes to high ph. I am getting 100# now and another 100# next season. $20 for 50#.

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"The University and the soil tests leave a lot to be desired when it comes to high ph."

Can you explain this issue in more detail? Just wondering what happened - I am curious what the problem was regarding soil test results.

Also, what do you consider the optimum ph level that your soil should be for growing your veggies?

Happy Holidays,

P.S. Update: I finally figured out how to safely and properly mass produce the low tunnel cover clips and have built a functioning jig for doing so. It is quite the elegant jig if I do say so myself, but took several tries to get it right. I intend to focus on the project in January after the holiday season is over, and will get back to discussing the project with you at that time.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

An elegant jig? Do you have a sharply dressed partner for that? LOL

My ph last year all over the garden was 7.3. This year I sampled only around where the potatoes will go next year to get a better potato crop; it was now 7.7. The soil around here is sandy, alkaline and high in calcium due to limestone or whatever base. So you would think the soil test would have recommended how to lower my ph especially for potatoes (I did the farm test, crop specific) but noooooo. They have a spot empty for lime recommendation but not for the opposite. I get so fed up with this idea that everyone has acid soil that needs lime! Don't get me started! I even made a follow up call after the soil test came back to ask about sulfur recommendations and they had some stupid answer.
Also MN tests are more expensive and offer less tests than other universities, from what I hear online. Oh well. My ph was up and OM was down, K is still high but down from 2011, P is still very high and C and M are also showing top of the chart. Their recommendations for potatoes were 180#/Acre N, 75 P nd 100 K. I don't use fertilizer so don't care but I would have liked to see what they would say about sulfur.
Crop Production Services is where I found sulfur. They are located half way between my house and field. They supply the chemicals for all the potato farmers here (sigh) but have a nice price on sulfur and some feedback on how to use. He says it is fine to put down now and then again in spring. It is slow acting.

Yes I will want clips to go over 3/4 inch tubing! I have been doing some planning of my tunnels and where to put them. I have lots of ideas. I think overwintering spinach in one and then planting really early potatoes in there is a cool idea. But I want to keep that all in the other thread.

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There is a private soil testing firm on Lincoln Ave.(old, old Hwy. 10) in Sauk Rapids (St. Cloud).

It is just before Lincoln turns onto old Hwy 10, Benton Drive.

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