hedging out deer

iowagirl2November 15, 2012

Ok,people have been very helpful to me so far, I hope there is someone out there who has had trouble with "urban" deer who snort at you when you try to chase the away from your garden. They have lost all fear of humanity and are in my garden every evening.

Fortunately, I do not have much planted, yet. I want to keep the deer out of the garden completely, but cannot afford to fence my 1/2 acre. So I am looking at hedging options. I have planned to used clipped barberry in front of 10 ft tall arborvitae--the barbs should keep the deer from eating their way through, the arborvitae from jumping.

This fills a lot of space, however, that I would rather fill with ornamental planting. I was wondering if I could just plant an ornamental shrubbery at the back of the property and trust a 10 ft wide tall shrub border to keep them out.

Has anyone else attempted to hedge out deer? WHat works for you?

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Get a sling-shot and give them a pain in the buttocks.

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LOL, that's what my husband says. He actually bought a bb pistol and nailed one of the deer in the but, it did not break skin, but it did cause some surprise!

But has anyone tried to use plants to keep deer from their property?

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The only thing I have discovered is a large dog or a tall electric fence or there is a Deer and Rabbit spray that works. You need to spray every week or so especially if you have rain. A deer rifle works well but it is slightly illegal!

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I don't think the hedge idea will work at all. They will be pushing channels through the hedge as it grows and they will keep these channels open. There are thickets in Florida and Texas that are huge. Thickets that are so dense a human couldn't penetrate even a couple of feet into them. Yet, deer and wild hogs have trails going through them all. I'm talking thickets that are more than 100 ft wide as well.

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