I've never put in a flowerbed before...I need suggestions!

nicole007April 22, 2013

Hi, I hope I'm posting this on the right forum. I could never find a forum for just general landscaping questions.

Anyway, I have a boring yard with a straight sidewalk and nothing but lawn stretching to the curb. I thought if I put in a flowerbed at the curb it would break up the yard and make it more interesting. But, I have no idea what bushes to get. I was wanting evergreen and considered holly bushes but I got scared it would grow into a hedge and I'm wanting to stay away from straight lines since the yard is already too symmetric. I also thought about crepe myrtal bushes but I hardly hear about anyone growing the bush variety. Is it because they look ugly in the winter? I thought about putting those in front of some evergreen bushes but don't they have to have unblocked sun? When I go to the nurseries, my mind is boggled at the sight of the all the bushes. Where would you start? I need bushes that can take 103 degree heat in the summer. I had thought about knockout roses in blushing pink but some pictures look fantastic and other pictures scare me because the leaves look faded and ugly. Is that why more people don't plant these in the front of their house but save them for more of a wild garden look? Any suggestions appreciated! Should I try for a flowering bush or just stick to basic bushes? And what basic bush would you recommend? I'm sort of stuck on this project.

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terrene(5b MA)

Nicole, I'm not sure what state you're in, but you might get more help from your regional forum (i.e. "Carolina Gardening" or "Georgia Gardening"). Other gardeners in your region would probably have the best advice on what plants to use, rather than the Native forum.

My "Front Garden" is in the front yard along the driveway. It has a curving shape that mirrors the driveway and front walkway, and is a mixed border of shrubs, perennials and grasses. The shrubs and grasses form kind of the "bones" of the garden and are more permanent so I put a lot of thought into their placement. The perennials and annuals fill in the remainder, and they are kind of fluid because they do die off, get divided and moved around, and I'll grow different annuals each year too.

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