Planting and plotting by flashlight

lazyweeder(z4 MN)November 16, 2005

Nothing like waiting to the last minute to pop in the final few bulbs and plants. Mon and Tues night I was out with the flashlight planting some bulbs and a couple plants. I was suprised to find the ground was still soft enough to plant. After planting I realized I still hadn't plotted a number of my plants on my map so I grabbed my flashlight and finished that off too.

Anyone else doing any last minute planting?


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selkie_b(z4 MN)

I'm just giggling at you and thinking "Yep, typical Dave..."
I AM done, just need to mulch in the roses this weekend, bury the raised bed, and the strawberries!


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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

Yes I have about 50 tulip bulbs to put in the ground yet. I was outside last night pulling my water lilies out of the pond...who knows if they will come back next year or not.Might have left them in the cold too long.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

I'm feeling very smug. For a change I had them in before the ground is frozen

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

I bought these last ones "on sale". I thought that I was done for the season too.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I was mapping and recording in the rain this week, as well as fencing out the rabbits. Well at least I am not too weird: my neighbor was out doing garden work also.

What you need, Dave, is a work light-like they use in construction. We toured a Rochester garden once, and the owner revealed that he regularly did garden work in the dark. Had a nice worklight set up. Even rototilled at night. Fantastic landscape on the side of a bluff, "hillbilly style".

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I haven't been planting by flashlight this fall, but I have been collecting seed heads by flashlight. At least my neighbor knows it's me in her back yard when she see's a light in her garden. The only way to get it done when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and weekends aren't enough time.

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