Apios Americana Groundnut ??

Gessepi29(7)April 9, 2014

I have recently bought tubers of this magnificent native plant. Anyone familiar with this plant please give me some feedback. I planted the tubers recently that had already begun to sprout shoots. I live in the foothills of nc zone 7b. As I was planting them I accidentally broke some of the shoots as they were really tender or brittle. Will these tubers grow new shoots? I would hate to have stunted their growth for the season. Any information would be much appreciated.

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I have this plant naturally down near a lake. Cannot help on growing it; I just want to keep it under control. The blooms are lovely, and they say it fixes nitrogen.

Hope you have great results with yours.

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i planted some ground nut last fall... a couple of my tubers broke as well.... they were pretty small and i have yet to see any growth this year (the soil may be too dense, though). hopefully they will grow and when the time is right, send up some shoots.
hey ncrescue, would you care to share the seeds from your plants?

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Most years I have tons of seeds, but last year, for some reason, I did not see many. Maybe the deer ate them? Will share if I see them this year.

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my groundnut has returned! here's hoping it thrives!

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