Pee Gee Hydrangea

Jules_z5_MOAugust 28, 2005

I haven't had any luck with hydrangeas but couldn't resist the lure of this one after reading about it in the catalog but now I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. I did have it planted in full sun at one time but it didn't seem too happy there. Any suggestions on where I should place it?

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Why didn't it seem too happy? Did the leaves get burned? If they burned, then it's getting too much sun. If the leaves drooped a lot it needs more water. They don't like drying out. I have mine in morning sun and I mulch it. The pee gees can take more sun than most hydrangeas, but keep the soil moist.
Good luck!


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Kat, thanks. The leaves dropped. DH watered was kept moist. Mulched, too! Right now it is potted. Maybe I will try moving it to a spot where it will get some afternoon shade. Gotta get it settled soon. Thanks.

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I'm sure it'll do a lot better when it gets planted. Just a little warning here. When I first got mine and planted it, it went into shock a little. I watered it well and kept it moist but still had some leaves yellow and fall off. I had planted it in late August. But it has been doing fine since. This one is even more sensitive to drying out than my 'Endless Summer'. I water normally once a week, but sometimes I see the leaves wilted on it by the end of the week. Yet 'Endless Summer' does just fine.
One more thing, sometimes the leaves will wilt during the day when the sun is on it, but when the shade comes they pop up again. It's just conserving water that way...doesn't mean it needs more water unless the leaves stay wilted.
Good luck!


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LauraIL26(Z5 Central IL)

We have a Pee Gee that must be about 30 years old. The poor thing is so gnarled and I have pruned the heck out of it but every fall we get so many beautiful flowers on it. It is on the west side of our property and gets the hot afternoon sun. Obviously it has worked well for this plant. I'm looking at it right now and there is still some toilet paper in the upper branches from our last TP'ing episode at our house (teenagers!!!)

Good luck and I totally recommend this plant. I am in Central IL.


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