Golden Currant Won't Bloom

LivingInOz(7)April 20, 2012

I am talking to someone about trading divisions of golden currant bushes because I read that two genetically different plants (not clones) are needed in order for them to produce fruit (their flowers are perfect, but self-incompatible). My golden currants bloom, but don't set fruit. The lady I'm going to trade with says her mature plant has never ever bloomed. She's a very experienced gardener, so I'm wondering if anyone knows why the currant won't bloom? All the ones I've ever had bloomed like crazy. Thanks for the help.

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Could it possibly be in too much shade? It seems like she should at least be getting a few flowers. If it's not a good bloomer, it's not going to help pollinate yours very well.
You're in Missouri right? You may already know this but if you check the Missouri Department of Conservation website around mid November, they'll be offering really cheap bare root saplings of many different native trees and shrubs. You can order them for late winter/early spring delivery. I'm pretty sure they usually offer Golden Currant. You may not want a whole bundle but there are always people to share with or they may offer Golden Currant in a mixed bundle with other edibles.
For other people reading this thread, MDC's trees and shrubs are only available for people living in Missouri but many other states have similar programs.

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