Sun or Shade for spiderwort

fleurdelis(z7 Oregon)May 24, 2012

I was given a deep purple spiderwort as a gift. I went online to find out what conditions would be best for it and found totally conflicting advice. Some say shade and others say full sun. Any advice as to what it might prefer in the PNW would be appreciated! Thanks, Janet

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I have them in both sun and shade, and they do well in both. I'd say that the ones in sun grow more compactly and densely, and seem to have more flowers.
I don't think that it's a "must grow in full shade" type of plant, and if it can take New Jersey summer sun, it can certainly take Oregon sun; I'd say plant it wherever you want it.
To give you an idea of how tough these things are: I dug up several, as they were getting out of control. Some ended up under a pile of weeds. Two weeks later, I finally picked up the weeds, and the buried spiderworts had rooted and started all sorts of new growth. As I said, tough.

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Deer like mine, so I planted a new bunch in the full sun where they avoid browsing. We have had rain, so plants are fine. I am not sure about our hot summers. In the mountains, they grow in the woods and along the road, and the ones in the full sun bloom more. The mountain area has lots of rain, so if you water, I think they will do fine any place, as Lisanti stated.

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fleurdelis(z7 Oregon)

Thank you for the responses, sun it is! Janet

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