Need help in selecting some plants for a wildflower walk

paulsiu(5a)May 25, 2011

I need some ideas. I have a path sandwich between a retaining wall and some trees. Note that on the otherside of the trees is a retention pond. It would be nice to grow something next to the retaining wall and the tree border, leaving a path in the middle to walk through. I should alo be able to see some of the flowers from the patio.

Earlier in the month, I tried planting the following plants:

Great Merry Bell

Celadine Poppies

Cardinal Flowers

great blue lobelia

queen of the prairie

Dogtooth Daisy

Frankly, the experiment hasn't been all that successful. The celadeine poppies are still there, but got damaged by the wind. One of the merrybell got pulled out and the other is dead. It's been raining more than usual, so the area got flooded and killed off my queen of the prairie and Dogtooth Daisy. However, the cardinal flower and lobelia are still around, but they are now surrounded by tall grass.

I am wondering if I just pick the wrong plants? The area faces the north and get a lot of sun when the trees weren't so green. Now that they are, a lot of areas are drapped.

The soil there is also a bit weird. The top layer consists of decaying dead leaves. Once you start digging through that you hit a black sludgy mess with a lot of roots. There is a lot of earthworms though, way more than in my yard. I was thinking of buying some wild flowers plugs and is not sure what to buy.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Black sludgey mess? Is it very wet there, outside the recent rain that is? Woodland soil is usually moist and rich with organic material but not "sludgey." It is more like compost than sludge.

Soil that is wet all the time could be described as being rather "gooey" or sludgey. You may wish to wait on your plantings right now. See what plants grow there naturally throughout this season. What plants grow there, may give an indication of what types of plants you could plant there next season. Might be less frustrating and more fruitful for you in the long run.


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Check the link below and search out wetland plants.
If the ground becomes saturated for prolonged periods
you may want to try some of the wetlands types.

Here is a link that might be useful: Native plants Illinois

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