Any Sedum Lovers out there?

santacltr2(z5 Il)September 16, 2006

I have several sedums in my gardens some are named some are not wondering if anyone else is a sedum collector?

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

I love sedum! I have quite a few so far....there are quite a few that I would still like to have, too!...

Here is a list of most of the ones I have so far (different species or hybrids) and I'm sure I'm forgetting some:

'Pink Chablis'
'Autumn Joy'
'Vera Jameson'
'Garnet Brocade'
'Frosty Morn'
'Star Dust'
'Purple Emperor'
'Strawberries and Cream'
'Green Expectations'
'October Daphne'
'Red Carpet'
Gold Moss
White Stonecrop
'Blue Spruce'
'Larinem Park'

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

I have all those except
Larinem Park
White Stonecrop
Great Expections

I also have
Black Jack
Red Cauli
John Creech
Dawn Mist
Green Spruce
Rosy Glow
Lynda Windsor
Autumn Fire
Sunset Cloud both kinds

I'm sure I have forgot several of them.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

I think eventually, I would love to give them a rock garden all to themselves...

There are so many varieties and colors now that I am sure it would look great...

Oh and it is Green Expectations (instead of great)...the bloom is yellow/green.

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

I am going to be moving mine away from the patio the bee's are just to close for when my grandson is here. He's 15 months and grabs the flowers to smell he doesn't know about bee's.
Thanks for the correction on the name. I wondered why I couldn't find anything on it. lol


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webkat5(Z6a MO)

You know, I have Blue Pitcher Sage (Salvia azurea which is a native) growing and the bees flock to that, almost completely ignoring the sedum flowers.

I think I will start a larger field of it next year away from the is very pretty - sky blue flowers. It can be a decoy for the bees.

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

Does it reseed? I looked it up it sure is a pretty looking plant. I'd be interested in getting some if it doesn't reseed to badly.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

It doesn't go nuts like some salvias with reseeding (probably because it is a perennial) and the seeds are larger and don't carry as far. The seedlings are easily recognizable and easy to pull, too.

If you have seeds to trade, I bet someone has this seed on the exchange.

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jasper_60103(z4 MN)

I only have 3, and the bees drive the kids crazy!
I like the fall color though.

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

I know those bee's are something. I'm going to try that Blue Pitcher Sage mentioned above. Nancy

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Hi Sedum Lovers,
I'm visited France last week and I collected seeds from Sedum Purple Emperor.
Does anyone have experience with sowing?? (I'd probably better cutting some branches to make shoots, but I can't drive back to France;-)
Can I sow Sedum indoors in winter?

Please let me know your experience!!

Best regards,
The Netherlands

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I have a very sunny and somewhat dry flower bed on the alley where I planted a number of sedums this past summer. They did really well until some vandals tore every plant out of that flower bed this fall. I will probably try again this year, but I sure wish sedums had thorns, really big thorns.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

What in the world? I have never heard of such a!

Were they stealing the plants or just vandalizing your yard?

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

Parrotslave, that is terrible.

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They just vandalized them. Left them strewn about the alley. I tried to save a few that had a little green left in them when I found them. The only one that survived was a marigold.

The really strange part was they left behind a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket spread over the empty flower bed. It added a very strange surreal quality to the destruction.

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dollladie(5 Indiana)

Sedum has grown on me - literally. I was never attracted to them until last summer, when I added a few tiny Autumn Joy plants to my cottage garden. Still wasn't mezmerized until late summer when they strutted their stuff! I love their resiliance, their delicate beauty, and I'm sure I'll get several more varieties this Spring. However, I was stunned yesterday to see several sedum babies popping up all over my beds - with the unusual warm weather we've had the past few weeks; they're trying to grow! Any suggestions? What should I do??? Stacey

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Stacey, are they the little "heads" just barely poking out of the ground? If so, this is normal. Many perennials will sit just at the soil surface waiting for the warmth and longer periods of sunlight. You will be tempted to cover them up, but don't...they know what they are doing.

Sedums are one of the toughest plants to kill. Too much moisture will do them in, but otherwise they are extremely hardy.

My dogs have torn one of my NOID's out of the ground a few times...had gotten some stems from a house we are demolishing and layed them under the mulch. I kept putting them back...they are trying to grow...hope they make it.

The majority of sedums will form a complete new mature plant within two growing seasons from one single cutting, or sometimes one leaf.

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hi,i planted a big batch of john creech in nov 2006 and it
seems to be turning a dark purple.i have been careful not
to over water as i have read. i'm in southern california and since nov. we have had weird weather,very dry and hot and cold snaps down to freezing mark.any advice out there,i'm starting to worry i've planted a lot...thanks

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santacltr2(z5 Il)

Is it starting to flower now or are the leaves turning purple?

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I love sedum, and at my old house i had a lot in various colors, (I dont know the proper names) but vibrant reds and yellows... lots of ground cover.

I moved 5 yrs ago and the new home owner tore out most of my flowers.... needless to say, i was sickened!! I can't even look at the house (where i lived for 24 yrs) when i drive past.

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