Pond in winter

didan(6, NE Mass.)January 20, 2013

This is our first time trying to winter over gold fish in our small outdoor pond (North Shore, Mass.). I bought a floating de-icer but it's 1500 Watts and none of my circuits seem to like it. So, with the real cold coming I'm looking at options:
- Just count on my pump to keep the water flowing. Worked so far, but it hasn't gotten extremely cold for long. Plus some of the tubing is exposed to (soon to be frigid) air because it feeds through a filter
- Get a 500 watt de-icer, and either unplug the pump OR figure the heather will keep the water warm enough going through the filter?
- Get an aeration kit and turn off the pump. I hadn't realized this was an option until just a few days ago. Does this work without/instead of a de-icer?

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You didn't write how deep your pond is, I have a small pond with an even smaller pond that"waterfalls" into it. It's 18 inches at the deepest part. I keep my goldfish in the pond over the winter, because it's not two ft deep I use a de-icer to keep an air hole open, that's all you need is for the pond not to freeze solid and have an openning to vent gases out of the pond. The fish will "power down" and survive. Our deicer is 300 watts, plugged into a GFI plug. We remove the pumps so the plastic housing doesn't become brittle. and let the upper pond freeze
Hope that helps!

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