overwintering tropical hibiscus

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)December 6, 2009

i received a rooted cutting of a nice little dbl red tropical hibiscus in late spring. It made decent growth in a pot and was just starting to bloom when I had to bring it in 2/2 temps dropping. It has 3 stems each @ 18-24" and while it seems to have completed its bloom cycle seems content in maintaining its leaves and adding tip growth on each branch. If anyone winters over their trop. hib. I'd appreciate your insights as I don't want it to get really leggy but am leery of pruning it back too far, esp. since its not dropping leaves (yet-LOL).

Thoughts from those who've managed this here in the northland? BTW it sits in a nice sunny southerly facing bay window.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I used to overwinter tropical hibiscus over many years in my basement under lights. Some years they were cut back, other years not. Didn't really matter. If it got too tall I would clip it back. Sometimes they bloomed inside.

I am trying not to overwinter so many plants and decided to cull the hibiscus as they often get white flies, scale, aphids. I sent my beautiful red tropical hibiscus to Texas with my sister where she grows them outside all year.

Also needed to make room for the brugmansia cuttings from the ones you traded last spring.

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These are very easy to overwinter just as you are. For spidermite prevention you could throw it in the shower once in a while.

sometime this early spring/late winter you may wish to prune to end up with more blooms come summer. Google pruning tropical hibiscus for tips.
Good luck!

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