Moved to St Paul from Oklahoma

livingforwards(4)December 26, 2013

I posted last year on this forum anticipating my move 800 miles north and got some great advice from members. Thank you! I moved up here in late July and was wowed by so many flowers (and so many hostas!)
We've now bought a small house in St Paul. We moved on a -7 day.

I'm unsure how to plan our first summer of gardening without knowing what's already planted. There are two quarter-circle beds against the front of the house, flowerboxes to go under the front windows. Also a narrow bed along the west backyard fence. The beds are all small and when I viewed the house (prior to snow) I remember wondering why the beds were filled with stones. Any idea why or whether I should keep them?

Here are some photos from the realtor site. I can't identify anything except the hydrangeas and perhaps liriope.

My fiance gave me Perennials for Cold Climates for Christmas yesterday, so I've been having a good read of that, then checking to see if the snow has melted yet, ha!

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I get an error message when I copy and past the link.

Rock mulch...for whatever reason, is liked by some people. Not easy to get rid of, but worth the effort.

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Sorry about the link. I'll google how to add photos in the posts.

If it's supposed to be mulch, I think it's worth picking it all out. It looked awful.

Realized this week, reading the neighborhood newsletter, that I should make a plan for an "alley garden" too. I have no idea what that is, but the neighborhood association is keen on them.

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You sure are getting a heck of a welcome to MN this winter.

I can't make much out in the pictures except the hydrangeas and looks like some hostas in the front.

You might be able to get an ID if you took some close up pictures of the stems and buds of the shrubs including the type of hydrangea.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I waited until summer to see what would emerge in the spring. Bulbs are the most likely to pop up where you might not expect. Since you saw the yard before frost you probably saw the extent of the perennial plantings and most of them should be up by midJune. After that I would go ahead and make changes/additions. Read about lasagna beds for a method of adding new beds. Have fun.

Also removed rock mulch from beds when I moved here many years ago.

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I don't know what area of St Paul you are in but come spring (usually happens around Mothers Day) or a bit earlier you can walk thru alleys in your neighborhood and you will see all kinds of alley gardening and plantings.

This is especially true in the Summit/University area I think.

Check out Bonnies column in the P.Press too. She has some good advice and topics.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Yes, get rid of the rock, it's a pain to do but well worth it.

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