Help with my Star Jasmine

meg1004October 31, 2006

Well I live in Michigan and bought my mom a Star Jasmine for mothers day. She moved to NC and accidently left it on the back porch when she moved. I found it about 3 weeks later. Well needless to say, it's gotten pretty cold here in the good ol' MI and we had a snow storm or two, nothing stuck... but yeah. I'm trying to save it for her so when she returns she can have a healthy Star Jasmine.

Right now majority of the leaves are red.. some are green. Two vines have shot up and out since I first bought it. I've read that some people cut it back and fertilize. I've read not to repot it, but I'm afraid the soil may have frozen a bit. Right now I'm just watering it normal with some miracle grow in the water.

Any help, I would truly appreciate it!!

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Meg, I'd remove all frozen leaves..Place in a bright, not too warm spot. Withhold fertilizing. The plant is stressed and stressed plants shouldn't be fed.
Check soil..if it's dry then give it a good watering w/tepid water. If wet, wait a while then recheck. Toni

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