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LeftyJanuary 10, 2006

Over a year ago, a friend gave me a Spath (Peace Lily). It took to my home in a wonderful way and blossomed often. While I was away, in September, this friend - staying with me because he had been evacuated from New Orleans - repotted the plant into a larger container. Since then, the leaves have folded down along the center "spine". I thought that perhaps the plant was in shock from the replanting. New growth is appearing and those leaves seem fine. The plant does blossom occasionally although only one spath at a time instead of a few as before. Any ideas or suggestions. Also, can the plant be cut into two smaller plants? If so, any special techniques.

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House plants are fussy buggers and don't like to much distubance.
If you put a plant into a bigger pot, ensure it is only slightly bigger than the previous pot.
The change may have upset it but it should recover.
Perhapes a feed may help it.
The leaves bending along the midrib is just it saying ouch!
I believe you can split the plant via the root system to make other plants, but I think it's better after flowering.
At least I think so!

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lisa455(z9 LA)

They can be divided. If there are 2 or more separate crowns. Similar to a daylily. I pull the sections apart. Also, I have found after they were transplanted they had a hard time holding themselves up. Maybe you can give it some support until the roots hook back down. I have put wooden cooking spoons in to hold mine up and pine cones on top the soil. Also, they do not like cold weather. Is it near a door that is opened up, it has been chilly outside. Also, the humidity is lower now that it is cold. Make sure also that there is not water sitting in the bottom of the container (do you have a pot inside a decorative container). Maybe misting it might help. I feed mine almost every week with a few drops of miracle grow. Good luck!

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