will my wisteria...

phyl345(z.5)October 11, 2006

i have a large wisteria vine....VERY HEALTHY...will it ever bloom??? does anyone in my area have a wisteria that ACTUALLY DOES bloom...i've been told i've wasted my money...

thanks, phyl

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It will bloom when it's root mass is mature enough, and if it is happy. I have had them bloom in a one-gallon pot on the patio, and others in the ground that NEVER bloomed - go figure. Many years ago, I gave my MIL a sprout and she planted it on the end of the patio. It bloomed the first time 12 years later.

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How old is it? If it is 3-5 years and not blooming, then you might want to try cutting it back. I had that hadn't bloomed and it was 5 years old, it was recommened to me and I tried it. It worked. The next year, the smell of the blooms was heavenly. You should prune it in the fall or mid-winter, if you can get in there to prune it :+>. I always pruned in fall as I lived in MA also zone 5. Try it, if it works you haven't wasted a penny. You should notice that most wisteria are pruned to keep them in bounds. Good luck Swede

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sillysweed...it's 3 years old...and BIG...i bought it in your state!!!we were on vacation on cape cod and i had never seen one here in chicagoland nurseries (which should have given me a clue?)!!! my husband couldn't believe we had to drive cross-country with that huge thing obliterating daylight in the back seat!!!

i had also posted this on the great lakes forum and was given a good answer about how to prune it....i went out this afternoon to look things over, but the plant is still too green to be able to tell what's what...so i'll wait ....

thanks, phyl

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Do a google search...there's a pruning technique to encourage blooms. You might also want/need to use root pruning. Above all, don't fertilize it.

I get mine to bloom anywhere from 2-4 times a growing season!

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leaveswave....you are kidding!!!! it blooms 2-4 times!!!! and in zone 4.... that is SOOO encouraging... i really thought i was maybe too far north! (GRIN)

maybe you have a different kind of wisteria (my bubble is quickly deflating). mine is very large and healthy....i haven't fertilized it... it is a floribunda "ROSEA" pink japanese.

i haven't tried to find the pruning on google yet...i am not a techie type AT ALL; what do i put in the search; just wisteria?

thank you so much...phyl

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

I have a wisteria in SE Wisconsin, so not far from Chicago. Mine is the basic purple kind, no idea as to a variety. It used to be huge and my idiot brother chopped it and the pear tree it was growing over down because "that tree doesn't have pears anymore, that thing is growing on it." Cut it down and burned it up. If it had been my house them I might have killed him. About 6 years after he hacked it to bits it regrew enough to bloom. That was last year, it bloomed again this year but not as much. So I think there is hope for you.


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zone 5 wisteria owners!!!! is this the time of year you prune back them back in hopes of promoting blooms????????????phyl

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Calm down....here is a great site with everything you need to know....

BTW, I googled "cutting japanese wisteria back promote blooms"...easy enough...

Here is a link that might be useful: All about caring for Wisteria

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