sick bamboo!!! please help!!!!!!!!!

saquin_soulJanuary 23, 2006

i have two lucky bamboo plants (they're not very large.) i used to put them both in the same pot (with rocks instead of soil cuz thats the way i got my older one)and give them water out of the tap. but the other day i noticed the older one was getting yellow so i took them out and cleaned their roots. afterwards i put them in seperate containers. but since then they keep getting worst! the older bamboo is totatally yellow and is getting this mold at the steam at the place where the water level stops,its steam is also starting to deteriate, i can peel the skin off of my plant( i didnt mean to do it, i was just trying to change its water and my finger fell straight threw). and the little one is getting squeshy around the steam and turning yellow! the small one also had these weird knots near the top, like dumps but they are green and im not sure wht to do. i dont want my bamboo to die, ive had the older plant for 6 years!!! i dont think its something my younger plant brought w/it either, cuz i got that one a year ago.please help i dont kno how to make them better, and i dont really have a green thumb when it comes to this stuff!

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. even the name of what kind of desease my plants have would be awesome...



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Is there anyway to post a picture of your sick Dracaena sanderiana (aka: lucky bamboo)? I assume that you've been growing it in water, correct?

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Hey i saw ur post about your bamboo. Were you able to make it better. Mine is sick now too its turing yellow and i keep mine i rocks too. I have had mine for about 5 years mabye a little more. Let me know what i can do. thanks

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If your tap water contains allot of flouride or chlorine, try getting different water for it. If you can't buy the water, or would prefer not to, just collect rain water for it. If you aren't sure if the water has any chemicals in it, the pet store in your town should have those strips for testing your water ^^ If the plant hardens again, try to get the mould off, and then tape around the area where the mould is. You could also try putting less water in, so it only goes over the roots, and not the stem. If this doesn't work, just e-mail me. I'll give you some more help.

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I have 3 bamboo sticks, and have bought them from IKEA about 2 years back. They were quite alright all this while but suddenly from last 1-2 months the leaves are turning yellow. I am not sure if they should :
1) Be kept in lighted place but avoid direct sunlight
2) should be kept in completely dark place.


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I cut the ends off of two bamboo groupings of plants and they're turning yellow too. I have to keep changing the water because it gets really foul. I cut all the roots off because the bottoms were hard and I thought they would wick water better, and now they're dying. I have had these for years, please help.
Thank you, and blessed be,

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My bamboo has been growing in water for the past two years but for the past two months it has gotten mold on its roots and I cant get rid of it. I have tried washing the roots off but the mold keeps coming back. What can I do? Would planting it in soil help or is there another way to get rid of the mold? I'd appreciate any advice!

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I have 4 beautiful braided lucky bamboo plants each about 3 feet tall. I've had them about 4 years and one is getting black mold at the base. What do i do?

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