perennial herbs

RexAnne(z5 Chicago)October 4, 2006


I'm looking to plant perennial herbs for cooking/medicinal that will over winter here in zone 5. I have a an area I'd like to fill up.

I've got sage, chives, hyssop and french sorrel all started from seed and established for two years now.

what should I add to my list?

perennial herbs-




(parsely bolts so I'll keep it as anannual)

please help me build a list....


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Greek oregano, garlic chives, lemon thyme and any others you can get your hands on, the lavenders, burnet (tastes like cucumber), marjoram, lemon balm, mint, winter savory, tarragon. Rosemary's tough in some locations.

The lemon balm and mints can be invasive. Don't buy tarragon seeds - inferior want to get a French tarragon plant.

That's all I can think of at the moment! Maureen

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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

I had some luck with Rosemary in a perfectly draining location. SE WI must really be pushing it for hardiness.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Wow, I grow rosemary in a pot, and bring it in during the winter. Had no idea it might be safe outside?!? But I think if it were outside, I wouldn't pick it very much in the winter. I know it likes sandy soil, which is the opposite of what I have, so I have it is a big clay pot with lots of sand mixed into the soil.

Oregano is the only one I was going to suggest, mine is still growing fine despite numerous frosts for the past month and a half! I picked some today to put in the stuffing. Parsley and cilantro seed themselves so well that I almost count them as permanent in my herb area.


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