Red twigged dogwood or native alternative?

gfult(6)May 3, 2008

I need to find a shrub that is small to medium, can tolerate some shade and provides good winter interest. I removed an invasive japanese barberry from this spot and I loved the arching form.

I really love the red twigged dogwood but are they safe for the environment and wildlife? I can't seem to find the full story on them. Can someone give feedback on this or some alternative.

A friend suggested choosing winterberry instead but I don't think i have room for two (for berries). How close does the companion have to be?


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If you get Cornus sericea, also called red twigged dogwood, that is a native plant. I'm not sure what other plant you were thinking of.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

The usual red-twigged or red osier dogwood that I see planted for landscaping seems to be the native Cornus sericea or the very similar native plant called Cornus stolonifera which also can be planted as red-twigged dogwood. There is one non-native plant, Cornus alba, that you might find being sold as Red twigged Dogwood or Red Osier Dogwood.

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Yup. You need to check the botanical names to be sure. I believe that there are dwarf forms of the natives that are commercially available although from where escapes me at the moment.

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