How to amend soil in new lot that has 6-8 inches of sand

NOLA-BJanuary 8, 2013

I've recently purchased the lot next door to me which is about 4600 square feet. When the house that was there was removed, much of the topsoil was removed with it. It now has about 6 to 8 inches of sand on most of the lot. The sand looks like pure beach sand. Below the sand is thick clay that is typical in Louisiana. I'm planning on making an extensive garden in this lot with vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, perrenials, and some sod. So, this sand isn't suitable for planting in right? Should I try to turn in some of the clay beneath it? I was thinking of using a tiller, but it probably wouldn't reach that deep. I was also thinking of adding two inches of topsoil, but would that be enough, and should I till that into the sand? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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I love the lasagna gardening method. I don't know if this would work for you. In my circumstance, I had grass and I wanted a large garden. I had read that tilling would pull up dormant weed seeds but a house was there previously so may not be a weed issue. The lasagna method is simply layering greens and browns on top of newspaper or cardboard. I layed out cardboard then threw a layer of leaves, cut grass, coffee grinds (from Starbucks) or whatever I could easily get my hands on (seaweed for me). Is your area normally sandy or was the sand added?

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