What Would You Do With These?

hostanistaJuly 31, 2014

Look at them all! Must be 40 babies in that pile. Pen to show scale. Closest hosta is a fortunei aureomarginata, see inset. Amazing how well they do when you just leave them alone. And now, do I just let them be - will they smother themselves and die - or do I gently pull them apart and plant them out with proper spacing?

What would you do?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Since you asked...... Well, I know of a good place - here! Lol. Look at those cuties, Mama!
I think they would grow better separated. With that many, I would likely plant in groups of three...cute little clumps immediately instead of a two-leafer. I know of a greenhouse where they would individually plant them and turn them into $$$.

Lucky you - they are really sweet! Some people might only keep the bigger ones, but you can always gift some if you don't want them all. Then again, you have space to grow them all, don't you? :-)

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This must be the year of the seedlings! I have loads under at least 10 different plant and was wondering too if I should just leave them until they get more then 2 leaves or until fall or next summer. I moved 14 from last year to another area but they are much larger so they were easy to move. We need the pro's advice on this one. Now when they get big do we start a green bed for babies.

Glad my female daschund never had any puppies or I would have had a kennel of dogs and no room in our bed for us. I guess this is what they call a hoarding nature .

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would not move them in august ...

and then its too late ... in sept ...

the problem is.. they will heave out of the ground come late winter thaw ... there will be no root mass to hold them in the soil ...

see what comes back next spring... and line them out then ... i dont know if i would do it in the garden ... or rather some nursery bed ....

i might pot a couple up ... just for the experiment ...

and i would pound an 8 foot stake in the ground.. lol.. so i wouldnt walk on them ... 8 feet just about big enough.. lol


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Leave 'em till next year and let survival of the fittest take over....if they all survive do you want 100 green seedlings? Culling gets harder the longer you keep them.

Here's a 2011 pic of seedlings started indoors (2nd year).....done nothing with them since.


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