Which critter?!....

adidas(6/7)May 3, 2013

would have bitten the leaves off ginseng and bloodroot?

There are millions of bloodroots in this forest but I bought some ginseng rootstock and planted it last spring. I have deer, prob rabbits, though I don't ever see them, and def. squirrels. I have never seen a bloodroot w/its leaves nipped off (and eaten) but the bloodroot and ginseng adjacent to it both had their leaves removed and eaten. I can't believe deer would do this? They never (usually) touch bloodroot! Would this kill the ginseng? Or are the roots ok and it will come up next spring? One stalk was left uneaten...I am putting a cage over it!!!

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should not kill it, occasionally it happens in nature that a plant gets stomped on or broken off, it comes back the next year.

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Do you have groundhogs around? The ones in my yard (which we are trying valiantly to get rid of) ate my native columbines down to little green sticks. Bummer.

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Thank-you both for your input! I kind of figured the roots were still intact but I was hoping it might multiply this year...no hope of that! No groundhogs that I have seen....but someone bit the head and flower bud off my trillium too :( AND I just put out 4 clumps of wintersown columbine so it better not touch them or else!!! I'm very sorry to hear about your columbines!

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