Can I apply Confidor to the soil directly?

nihalFebruary 26, 2009


does anybody have any idea if I can use Confidor 200SL directly to the soil? My garden is quite large and mostly tall, and it is impossible for me to reach the top of all the plants, not to mention all the leaves. Since Confidor is Systemic, I was wondering if my pouring (or spraying?) the Confidor into the soil I might obtain the same protective effect without burning the roots??

All feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Read labels before purchase, use, and storage of any pesticide. I have never use Condifor but systemic pesticides are usually dissolved in water before application. Condifor will have negative effects on pollinators such as bees so be for warned.

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Thanks. I read the labels and of course i would dilute the Confidor (2,5ml/5liters of water). But the label doesn't say if the diluted product can be used directly on the soil and/or if it is best sprayed or poured.

Any additional feedback would be appreciated.

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Yes, its systemic actions are actually increased if applied as a soil drench rather than a foliar application (absorption and transmission is greater through the root system than through the leaves, as with fertilizers). Dilute to the appropriate concentration before application.

Imidacloprid is a very broad spectrum insecticide. I'd be concerned about disrupting the balance of natural predators by such a widespread application. What is it you are trying to control through its use?

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Thanks very much Gardengal48. Last year I had a HUGE infestation of white flies which I caught too late; this year they have started up again along with the appearance of scales (I live on the Meditterranean, so it gets warm early) ; I will use Confidor to kill the current white flies and (hopefully) avoid any more. According to what I have read and been told, Confidor only needs to be used once a season, and the earlier it is used, the more effective. I realize that it is not ideal, but our resources are limited here and i am hoping that by only using it in a limited manner it will be effective but not too damaging to the natural balance.
Thanks again,

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Confidor has a soil life of about two weeks. As the plants grow, you will have to apply more if the infestation reappears, so be ever observant.

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