Plants Near My Pool - Need Suggestions

dschribsFebruary 19, 2014

I'm looking for some recommendations from the experts here on the forum. I live in CT and I'm looking for a suggestion on some plants. I want to put some tall grassy plants against the chain link fence around my pool. I have an area inside the fence about 16x6 where I'm going to be planting these plants. I want something that's about 4/6 feet tall and has sort of a grassy look to it rather than a foundation type plant. Ideally it would be something that doesn't give off seeds or anything since it's near my pool.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Is the 6 inches or feet? By grassy plants do you mean anything herbaceous, not woody, or do you literally mean looking like grass?

For specific plant suggestions, you might want to ask at the New England forum. Realistically, most any plant will give off a certain amount of debris, but tall grasses or non-running (clumping) bamboo might be a good choice as they tend to hold together relatively well until winter when you aren't using the pool. You should cut them back before spring growth starts. If you are OK with non-grasses, you could grow flowering vines on the fence, such as Clematis. Any debris from petal drop should be far enough away to not end up in the pool, and in my garden the seeds stay attached well until after pool season. Type 3 prune Clematis get cut back to about 1'-2' over the cold season so debris gets removed all at once. Siberian iris have a short growing season, but don't generate much debris in my garden.

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