weeping willow looks dead!

sdelchampsMay 22, 2009

I live in coastal Alabama and have a 4 year old weeping willow. It grew beautifully and sprouted new leaves this spring as usual. It even had what looked like little flowers on it. Then all of a sudden it dropped most of its leaves and many of the branches appear dead. What happened to this tree?!. The other willows in the neighborhood look great.

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Sorry, but I don't have an answer. The same thing happened to mine a few years ago and it eventually died. Moisture wasn't a factor in it's demise and examination of the roots provided no clue.
The same thing happened to 2 of my 3 Japanese Maple bonsai's this spring (all are in the same area), but they are slowly recovering and producing new foliage.
Let's hope it's a temporary malfunction and not a permanent one!

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