Sskunk Cabbage oddity

Dzitmoidonc(6)May 25, 2013

I have one Skunk Cabbage (out of 1000s) that is variegated. It has had the same pattern of variegation since I discovered the plant sometime before 1998. I would like to transplant it closer to the house, but at the risk of killing it, it stays where it is. It is a wild plant growing in a wetland.

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Drop. This was a practice to post pics and one friend wants to see the plant.

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Cool plant, Dz. And if able to be propagated, one which might raise considerable curiosity in the gardening world, I'd think.


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Tom, I sent a pic about 5 years ago to Terra Nova Nursery in OR. I was told they specialize in variegated plants, but I never received a response. Probably just as well. I read about a lady in NE PA who has one in a pot. She sent it away to Plants Delight in NC and they were not successful in multiplying it so they sent it back to her. I have been waiting for bloom from this one, but so far, nada. I mow a path to it so wife and I can ogle it when we walk down to the bottom field in the evening.

Another naturally growing plant variant here, is a completely spineless Multiflora rose. This one makes seeds and judging from the number of spineless Multiflora seedlings I pull, it comes true from seed.

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What a beautiful plant.

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Terra Nova was a good idea, even though nothing has transpired thusfar. They definitely are a company that brings "new" genetics out into the gardening world with regularity.

I guess the whole thing would be if this trait is heritable, or if strictly vegetative and/or tissue culture would have to be employed.


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Stunning plant. Have you contacted Cady's Falls Nursery? Those guys are serious plant propagators/collectors with decades of experience. They might be helpful in advising you on how to best propagate the plant. Good luck. I certainly hope you're successful!!

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