persimmon trees

goldenjoeOctober 31, 2007

Did anyone else get fruits on their persimmon trees this year?

I didnt and wondered if that late frost in Easter did it.

Does anyone know if these trees are male and female seperate plants?

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kathy_jo_mo(z5 Mo)

No persimmons for me here in Central Missouri... Nor any other fruit except a few blackberries.

Do you have American persimmons?

I had to google this, but trees are either male or female. One site said female trees can produce seedless fruit if no pollinator... I thought that was interesting

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I found some persimmon's that did fruit this year and I live in St. Joseph, MO. They are at the Mark Youngdahl CA in town.

I thought that the trees had to be pollinated by another tree to produce fruit????????? Learn something new every day.

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We live in Indiana and my one persimmon tree was loaded with fruit. I collected seed from somewhere and brought them home and just threw them in the flower bed. I am always gathering seed from wherever we go. I also got a chickapin oak the same way. Both are way taller than our house in three or four years. This is thefirst year for persimmons though.

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