Question about new leaves on a golden pothos

Colonel_MontoyaFebruary 4, 2014

So I'm very new to growing plants but I was inspired over the past few months by a friend's mother who had the most beautiful jungle of golden pothos in her apartment. She had been growing it for 20 years and I took a cutting, sprouted the roots, and planted the little guy about a month ago. I've been watching one new leaf push its way up and away from the stem and now that it's almost fully disconnected from the stem and out of it's little wrapping, it is still curled up like a tunnel. Should it have unfurled already or does it still need more time? I assume it never helps to rush it along but considering how quickly it grew up and away from the stem, I would think that unfurling is the easy part.

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Give it a few days to grow a petiole (leaf stem) and grow upwards some more.

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Deleted duplicate post.

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