Email HGTV About Garden Shows

gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)October 7, 2005

Are you as disappointed as I am in the lack of garden shows on HGTV? Please email them and tell them so, I did tonight. Just go to their website and click on "contact us". I asked them to bring back the quality shows, like Gardeners Diary and Gardeners Journal. I want to see shows that show REAL garderners and gardens. I'm really tired of all this decorating and homey type shows. I miss garden shows! They just don't have enough of them anymore! Whats up with that anyway?!

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Nancy, people from the HGTV gardening forums have been emailing and complaining on the forums for the past few years about that. Apparently they just don't care. They used to have really great gardening programs, but for whatever reason, they've really cut down. Gardening by the Yard is the only one I care to watch. The last time I tried emailing them, the form said you had to give your complete address and phone number. Why do they need that!? If they have to get a hold of me, they can just email me.
It's a real shame how that channel has gone down hill with gardening. I've heard that on the DIY channel they have a lot of gardening programs, but I can't get that one without getting several other channels I don't want...and I would have to pay more. So I'll just stick with gardening forums.


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You mean HTV?

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LOL!! That is what it seems like.


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gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)

You're right Hawki... HTV. I don't get it, there are so many gardeners out there! Kat I am the same way. I have dish network and I can't afford to get DIY I'm already spending over $60 a month. I noticed lately there are many new shows now, and the same old stuff, design this, design that. I haven't checked out the forums on HGTV I just like Gardenweb. I am very unhappy with HGTV! I started watching HGTV the very first day it went on the air. Boy things sure have changed!!!!! I think I will call them.

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username_5(banned for no reason)

For those who do get DIY network they have a few good shows like 'Fresh from the Garden', 'Weekend Gardener' and others.

It is kind of ironic that a general do it yourself channel would have more and better gardening shows that a home and garden channel.

I agree with sentiments above that 'Gardening by the Yard' is the only show worth watching on HGTV anymore.

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I'm not from the Midwest, so sorry to barge in on the conversation (just reading various geographical posts).... HGTV has, at least during the summer, several gardening shows on Saturday morning starting around 8 to 11am. But I agree - I want more!

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