IDing native grapes

blueridgemtngrl(6b)May 8, 2008

Does anyone know of a good site to find grape IDs? I have an easement on my property where a spring comes up and have discovered lots of small starts of grapes. I am thinking they may be riverbank grapes based on their location, but obviously I need a guide so I can ID them.

I have found some others on the property not growing near water...

They are on the small side and have no flower buds, so they may be too young to ID, but at least I can bookmark the site for the future.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

The site in the link below came up as #1 on Google search of wild grapes. It is interesting that their measurement tool has Indiana Geological Survey on it.

You might try Google with wild grapes and your state and see what you get.

I have some, but the grapes themselves are so small I have never considered getting an ID for I might try, since you posted.


Here is a link that might be useful: wild grapes at vineyard in Amherst County, Virginia.

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If you have black muscadines, my wife, originally of southern (NC) origin, will buy them from you by the crate.

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They may not be all "small starts". I have muscadine and as the runner creeps all the ground, it sends up shoots periodically. I can grab one and pull up a whole bunch at once.

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I don't think it is a muscadine... I took this pic with a flash because it is really overcast and raining.

Hope someone can help. I checked out the suggested website but am still not sure. Could it be that young leaves aren't the same as those on a mature plant?


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Muscadine leaves are thin and glossy both top and bottom. In Maryland they are only found in the eastern half of the state and not very common. They do not have a peeling bark, your pic is not muscadine.
If you're lucky you have V. labrusca or Fox grape. Leaves thick, firm and with light colored felt on bottom. For us grapes are blooming now. Your state may have 10 or more grape species. Only the two mentioned above are edible. Grape vines are dioecious, if you have a vine with only male flowers there will be no fruit.

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