Creeping Fig Neglected and Out of Control

teresa_incaFebruary 22, 2008

I recently purchased a house in Orange County and the previous owner did not maintain the yard for several years. I've done some basic "make it livable" clean-up (sod, pruning shrubs, major weeding, etc.). Now I'm in a battle with creeping fig that is climbing up the side of my stuccoed garage wall and the neighbor's wall, and seems to be killing (or have killed) two existing tall shrubs that I believe are viburnums of some sort. First of all, is this possible? It looks like the creeping fig is winding through and around the viburnums and essentially choking them. I like the shrubs because they screen the entry to the side yard from the street view, but I feel like the only way to get rid of the creeping fig for good is to take out everything and start over. I appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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Cut the creeping fig off at the base.

It's a lot easier to remove the vines once they've died & shrunk.

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Thanks - looks like this'll be my weekend project.

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