it's a good thing!

piegirl(z5NELin)October 8, 2004

Ladybugs are all over my garden today. During some clean-up I saw quite a few and then looked at my house - they were on the gutters, the bricks, flying in the air - everywhere. I look at them as bringing good fortune and luck - and I could sure use some of both. I know some will winter over which is why I don't leave the earth bare. Hopefully not in the house. Are they a sign of an early long winter? Still no frost here, tomatoes continuing on and zukes and yellow crook neck doing just fine. Piegirl

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

they are actually not lady bugs they are asian beetles - they look like ladybugs but are more orange than red and they bite and they smell if you squish 'em - and they are a pain in the @ss!
they were imported into this country to control some agricultural pest and are overtaking as they have no natural predators here ... zillions and zillions

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mscratch(z6 S.E. Mo.)

Yes, they are a pain! We have armies of them traipsing across the ceilings each turned warm again and out they came from their little hibernation places. Husband got vaccum cleaner and started sucking the little beggars up, right off the ceilings.

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FlowersForMyFarm(WI z4)

We are surrounded by those evil nasty creatures. Some days it looks like it's snowing asian beetles here. Last year we bought a vacuum cleaner just for them because they ruin the vacuum and make it stink and we had to vacuum them twice a day to keep up. This year I decided to go to war with them. I read where they are repelled by camphor and to a lesser extent by menthol. So I took painter's tape and put a strip above the doors and upstairs windows and smeared the tape with Mentholatum ointment. (it has 9% camphor and 1.3% menthol) So far it's working great. We've only had a few of the little buggers in the house even though they're all over outside.

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