I won't have time to burlap my DA's before the storm descends

Clemmielover(5)November 11, 2013

With temps steadily dropping 15-20 degrees trough the day.
Tom Skilling states it will sink all the way down to lower 20s, rain turning in to snow.

I didn't plan on wrapping them until the first hard frost.
Hearing the forecast I'm worried this will be a bit more than a hard frost as snow and 20 degree temp shift is in the making.

They are well mulched and the grafts are 2-3 inches below the soil level but I'm a bit worried.
I did pick them trying to mind the hardiness:
Abe Darby
Graham Thomas
Golden Celebration
Lady Of Shalott
Scepter D' Isle

Other non DA roses include the Iceberg, Mr. Lincoln, Peace, Colette, America.

The two week forecast indicates this is the only real snow storm for a while, temps will go up a bit after Thursday but pretty consistently hoover around 23, I won't get to burlap and winter mulch until December 1st.
Is that too late?
Would it make any difference if I asked my neighbor to put big bags over the shrubs to avoid the sleet freezing to the canes?
I know, not ideal but best I can do being over 50 miles away and no chance to get there before the weekend.

Any jimmy rigging advice ?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Knowing where you are, as well as your garden zone, would help folks give more specific advice. If you add your zone to your profile, it will show up next to your name when you post. I might ask this kind of question in the rose forum. (Assuming you're talking about roses?) Good luck!

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Pardon me, it's zone 5 , I usually include that but have changed my profile recently.
I asked here in the "Midwest" forum as I wanted to know from gardeners facing the same weather today

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