Moving cross country with plant

leee(7)February 24, 2007

Tried this one in another forum with no results.

Transporting pineapple plant in car?

I have a pineapple plant that I started about 3 years ago. In that time it grew large but never produced a pineapple. Now I am moving cross country in a few weeks, I was going to give it away. Of course, today, I noticed the tiny crown (or flower) of a pineapple coming out of the middle!

Can I trim the leaves/spikes/whatever they are down for transportation and will it survive the trip with the space saving trimming done? It spans at least 2.5 ft. across and this wont fit in my car this way.

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Lee, how big is the pot? Can you drop it into a "sleeve" That will sorta compact the leaves upwards into a cone shape???
If you are stopping for the night,don't forget to take it inside. The few plant losses I have had from moving have been from cold in the car.
Good luck

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I just looked at the width of my butt, and I really think that you can get that plant into the back seat of your car. As Beth says, wrap it so the leaves don't break off. I'd use bubble wrap wound tightly around it and then secured with duct tape. If you do a good job of wrapping, you can even lay the potted plant on its side in the trunk while traveling; just don't let it roll back and forth or it might upchuck some soil. Pineapples are temperature-sensitive, so keep it warm while travelling.

The plant might survive severely trimmed leaves but it will likely pout for a year or two, if not actually going into a terminal decline.

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The importation of non-certified plant material is restricted in a number of states. Be sure to check first that your plant will be allowed into and accepted in its new home.

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wonder if you could mail it or ship it to yourself at the new place?

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