Holes in hosta

lynne19160July 14, 2014

Haven't been here for a while... Look at these holes. Almost circles, only on the edges. Cutworms? I have moved to the city from the country, and am used to slugs. But I have seen snails and super slugs here..ick

But what is the consensus on this damage?

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THat is so weird! Yes, my cutworms do often take big chunks out of the edges of the leaves, but those are so regular and round...looks like someone went at them with a large hole puncher!

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Leaf Cutter Bees

see link

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf Cutter Bees

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Wow, Melissa... never heard of those. thanks for the link... sure looks like the damage.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I agree that that is leaf cutter damage. They are beneficial insects. I always wanted to find the nest to see those perfectly overlapped pieces of leaves layered around their eggs. They like my camellia leaves.


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I wasn't familiar with these bees until a couple of weeks ago. I was out in the backyard, and saw a bee land on a clematis leaf, cut a perfect little half-circle out of the leaf, and with the piece, fly away. Learn something new every day, I guess.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

I never heard of Leaf Cutter Bees. Melissa, the link you provided was very interesting and informative!

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I know it is unexpected to see the bites around the leaves, but I do believe I had rather they were here than the slugs and cutworms. If it helps pollinate anything, bring em to me. So far, no signs of such cut leaves.

Very interesting life form, thanks for the link Babka. It would be awesome to see the eggs covered with a tiki hut.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

I think that is so cool......I don't know if they go to all areas, but I would welcome them in my yard.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Mocc- Melissa posted the link. Each egg gets it own layered leaf wrap, along with some pollen balls to nourish new little bee when it emerges. How cool is that?


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