Recovering, learning and seeking help

BrianW23March 9, 2014

Having suffered badly with depression and anxiety for a number of years I joined a gardening therapy group called Twigs ( ) and it has really been a saviour. I have just started one of their gardening courses for a nationally recognised qualification and any advice at all you can give to a new gardener would be most welcome. What are the most basic, essential things to remember when gardening?

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I don't know what made me visit this forum today, but I'm glad I did. What a fantastic resource Twigs is (thank you for the link the that website). I am pleased to hear you have found gardening such a help in your recovery. Stick with it! :-)

While I am not a new gardener, I am not a seasoned gardener, either, so I am not sure what advice I could give you other than to enjoy what you're doing and not take it too seriously. Sometimes trial and error and "happy accidents" are the most effective teachers.

Best of luck with your courses! I hope you keep us posted about your progress.

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Thank you, I will. So far we have prepared seed trays, sifted compost and planted seeds, covering with vermiculite then watering and placing in a propagator. We also learned about stratification and scarification and we have to memorise the parts of a plant before Friday. There are 12 sessions in all and a lot to learn in that time but it's fun and it gives me confidence.

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What kinds of plants are you growing from seed? Mostly flowers, mostly vegetables, or both? I tend to grow mostly vegetables, but I admire people who grow flower gardens. Such an art and science to making them look beautiful!

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For the course, I planted some champagne bubbles (Icelandic Poppies) but on Monday my keyworker asked me to plant some cabbages, lettuces and broad beans. He let me do it however I wanted and he was impressed with the results. He said I did a professional job. I just did it how we were taught except I covered the seeds with a thin layer of compost rather than vermiculite. I hope we learn both flowers and veg because when I move to Sweden, my girlfriend and I want an allotment to grow our own veg in.

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