Coral or Goldflame honeysuckle

hummersteveMay 8, 2007

I have been searching all the garden centers and nurseries and online centers for either of these plants. I would like an opinion. I found both online for about $10 but it cost $12 shipping 16% of the order but you have order at least $25 worth at this one place, these are in quart pots. Now I found the goldflame at a local nursery in a 2gal pot for $40. Is this any where near a fair price for this plant? Which is the best way to go?

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I think a 2 gallon honeysuckle for $40 is way overpriced. I'd expect more like $20. Maybe if the plant was Coral Honeysuckle - lonicera sempervirens - and was a really nice robust plant $40 would be worth it, since I find Coral Honeysuckle starts out kind of slowly. Goldflame seems to be a faster grower when young. Perhaps you can find one or both of these plants in a friend's garden and take cuttings. A quart-sized plant is probably a year old, so cuttings would be a year behind the purchased plants, but they'd be free.

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glenn_sun(5, iowa)

I have a Goldflame that is 3 years old now, paid about $28 for a half gallon sized plant. Last year it was pretty good, it looks to be magnificent this year-good luck but have patience-i think the free cuttings are the best deal, but if i knew the plant would turn like it seems to be, i might have paid more than i did.

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westhighlandblue(z6 PA)

Whether or not $40 is too high for a 2 gallon plant is a direct function of how badly you want that plant. Still I paid $35 each for 2 gallon mountain laurel, at a private nursery, a couple of weeks ago, which suggests $40 for another native of the same size is a bit above market.

I can tell you that a couple of years ago my local Sears Hardware had Coral Honeysuckle - lonicera sempervirens -- and at a very good price -- I want to say around $25 for 2-3 gallon size. I planted them late in October, and the darlings have completely hidden the hideous 1950's style railing that leads to my 100 year old stone house.

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I recommend Brushwood Nursery for a great selection of healthy plants with free shipping on 2 or more plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushwood Nursery

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