December and Spring bulbs are blooming!

ferrous(z5)December 20, 2006

I noticed my Hyacinth and daffodills are budding their flowers and it's still December. I know it's been very warm but won't that hurt the plants if we get -20F weather in January? Should I just cover them with something or leave hoping they'll make it through the winter. They are already few inches tall.

Do you have similar things happening in your garden?

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

My grape hyacinth have sent up their usual grassy foliage.
I have a circular bed around a front garden, and had a hard time getting my lawn man to 'let them grow'.

In spite of the spate of unusually warm weather here in SE WI (West Bend)no Daffs or tulips have poked their heads up. (South-facing front lawn- 3 weeks of warm weather)

If my spring bloomers were already putting up spears of blooms, I am not sure what I would do. I guess I would
just let them go and do their thing. Then wish for better timing next year.

Maybe I will buy and read Al Gores new book/video. many things are out of whack.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Yeah nothing much you can do about it. Something is poking it's head in my garden too.

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arrick(Z5b LaGrange IL)

I have some snowdrops and daffodils against a southern exposure on my garage that I planted there on purpose to produce exactly this effect - third January in a row now with blooming flowers, they usually start the last week of December. The early cold and then a warmup like we had this year always gets them going.

The earlier bulbs will survive no problem. Especially if they get covered with snow before the next cold snap. If not, you might lose some of the early blooms, but the bulb survives. I think spring bulbs bloom longer in cold weather anyway. If we get an early 80F (like late March or April), that seems to exhaust the bulbs even more than a cold snap. Besides, they give you something to look at outside this time of year!

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