help with definitions of full/partial sun and shade

sudimari(z5 IN)March 21, 2009

I have 2 patios that I can grow container plants on. One faces due east. It gets full morning sun until 10:30-11:00 then the overhang shades most of the area. There is one small strip by the side wall that although the concrete has sun, the wall I'm wanting to grow vines on is actually and the planters I'll be using only get full sun until 9:30 or 10:00.

The second patio faces due west. It gets full, unrelenting hot afternoon and early evening sun.

I'm pretty sure the plants on the back/second patio need to be full sun.

What would the vines be considered? And then the pots I sit around the perimeter of the front/first patio? Part sun/shade? Or is that wall of vines going to require a shade vine?



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Full sun is defined as minimum of 6 hours of unobstructed, direct sunlight. Anything less is part shade or part sun, depending on your preference. Afternoon sun tends to be the most intense and often areas that may receive direct afternoon sun but not quite a full 6 hours will happily accomodate full sun plants. Defining shade itself is a bit more complicated, as there are many more variables involved - full shade, filtered shade, dappled shade, light shade, heavy shade, indirect light, etc., as well as what is creating these conditions. You can easily find explanations of these terms if more info is required but generally just knowing that a plant will grow in part shade is sufficient :-)

Sun loving plants will often grow surprisingly well in less than full sun conditions but may become somewhat leggy or not produce as many flowers.

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